Are Box Gutters Right for Your Home?

Are Box Gutters Right for Your Home?

box gutters ctBox gutters are designed with a flat, square-shaped base. They also get their name because they are boxed in and have high edges on all sides. The high edges are not visible from the outside of the house, which gives the gutters a concealed effect. Box gutters are also sometimes referred to as concealed gutters because they fit beneath the roof’s fascia boards.

Box gutters are more common in older buildings because they were popular before modern metal gutters were introduced. They are also used homes built recently in specific circumstances. Box gutters are generally chosen for houses where the roof abuts a wall or where the roof has an unusual form, such as a terrace style. This gives the roof a sleek and modern appearance.

Box gutters offer several benefits. They are built into the eaves or the bottom of the roof. Since they do not hang on the edge of the roof or the side of the house, box gutters blend seamlessly with the house’s design.

Because box gutters are fitted directly to the house, they will not bend or warp if the house settles. This is an especially common problem in newer houses. Since the gutters will not be deformed by settling, they will drain properly to avoid damage to the house.

If they are well maintained, box gutters can last for many years. They are durable and easy to repair if they leak or become damaged. They are lined with sheet metal that is cut and shaped to fit inside. This can extend the lifespan of the gutters. Some box gutters are manufactured with aluminum. Since aluminum does not rust, it can last for decades.

Connecticut Gutter and Exteriors installs box gutters on many homes throughout the state. Box gutters are attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. If you are considering replacing the gutters on your house, contact us today for an estimate.

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