The Benefits of Zinc Gutters

What Are The Benefits of Zinc Gutters You Ask?

gutter installations ctVersatile, lightweight and corrosive resistant, zinc gutters are becoming more popular with general contractors. Unlike copper gutter systems that include the risk of wash-off lead, zinc gutters are more ecologically safe and relatively inexpensive. Combined with the integrity of the finish zinc gutters can last for decades without needing anything more than a routine cleaning. At Connecticut Gutter, LLC we feature the Rheinzink brand of zinc gutters where all the gutter seams are soldered shut to ensure water-tight longevity. A safe and sturdy alternative to copper, zinc gutters can make a fine gutter system for your home or business in Connecticut or Westchester County.

A good reason to consider zinc gutters over copper gutters is that many in the industry think it is only a matter of time before lead-coated copper gutter systems are banned by the government for the risk it poses. Those who wish to have a traditional looking gutter will see how zinc can perform up to the same standards as copper without the danger of lead. The blue-gray color of zinc blends in well with slate roofs and can match up well with traditional homes and even modern style buildings that favor metal and steel materials.

The Rheinzink brand of zinc gutters is popular for a number of reasons including a perfect fit and reliable functioning, economical and maintenance free, being made from a natural material and long lasting durability. Rheinzink is an alloy of quality zinc with a purity of 99.995% which also contains copper and titanium. With excellent ductility and a wide range of seam and system techniques, Rheinzink zinc gutter systems is ideal for homes and commercial buildings and offers an aesthetically pleasing drainage system for your roof.

Other benefits to using Rheinzink gutter systems is that it includes pre-fabricated parts that are manufactured to a high degree of exactness and included gutters, angles, downpipes, connections and fillings. Rheinzink is temperature resistant, non-combustible and does not decay. Virtually maintenance-free, Rheinzink zinc gutters are great gutter systems for traditional homes and contemporary buildings. If you are interested in learning more about the Rheinzink zinc gutter systems contact Connecticut Gutter, LLC today.

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