How to Fix Sagging Gutters

How to Fix Sagging Gutters

sagging gutter fixesGutters direct rainwater away from a house and prevent damage to the roof, siding, and foundation. Over time, gutters can start to sag. In many cases, the problem is relatively easy to repair.

Gutters can sag for several reasons. They can come loose if a homeowner places a ladder against them to do roof work or to hang Christmas lights. Not cleaning gutters on a regular basis can lead to a buildup of leaves and debris that can weigh them down. Heavy rainfall can cause gutters to come loose. Snow can partially melt and refreeze in gutters, forming ice dams.

If the sagging becomes severe, it can lead to a stagnant pool of water in the gutters. This can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The gutters will eventually start to leak, which can allow water to get behind walls and into the interior of the house.

In order to fix sagging gutters, you first need to identify the cause. The gutters themselves may be bent, or the hardware supporting them may be loose or damaged. If gutters are bent or torn, it is best to remove those sections and replace them. If they are just starting to sag, the hangers or spikes holding them in place may be loose or broken. They can easily be replaced.

If the problem is caused by damaged hangers, remove them from the roof with a pry bar or locking pliers and a hammer. If you are replacing gutter spikes, make sure they are threaded. You can get a snug fit by coating wooden shims with epoxy and putting them in the holes and then threading in new spikes.

If you are putting up hangers or spikes where there were none previously, look for nail heads along the roofline. This indicates that rafters are underneath. Screwing into rafters will hold hardware better. Always have someone help you if you are taking down gutters and replacing the hardware that supports them.

If the damage to your gutters is extensive, you should hire a professional gutter contractor to tackle the job. Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors has an experienced team with the knowledge and expertise to fix many gutter problems. Contact us today for a quote.

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