How to Keep Animals and Insects out of Your Gutters

How to Keep Animals and Insects out of Your Gutters

gutter installations ctAnimals search for warm and sheltered areas to make their homes. Gutters are often an attractive choice.

Gutters attract all types of animals. Birds and squirrels make their nests out of twigs, leaves, and other materials they carry into the gutters. Wasps, roaches, other insects, and microorganisms thrive in the wet, rotting debris often found inside gutters. Animals and pests that set up their homes in gutters can cause clogging or make an existing problem worse.

If animals or insects have made their home in your gutters, the only solution is to clean the gutters and drive them out. You might be able to do this yourself if you have time and a ladder. If you need a major gutter cleaning, if your house is more than one story tall, or if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to hire a professional gutter cleaning company. If you have a problem with bees, squirrels, or rats, you may need to hire a wildlife or pest removal company.

The best way to deal with wild animals and pests is to keep them from getting into your gutters in the first place. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to install gutter guards. These are specially designed covers that are installed over gutters to keep out debris that could cause clogs and animals. Several types of gutter guards are available.

  • Gutter screens have a mesh cover mounted on a frame that keeps leaves out of gutters.
  • Bottle brush gutter guards have cylindrical brushes placed in the gutters to keep leaves and twigs out.
  • Slit or hole gutter guards cover the gutters and leave a slit or a series of holes to allow water to flow into the gutters.
  • Reverse curve gutter guards are a variation on the slit or hole gutter guard design. They pull water into the gutters and encourage debris to fall off the side of the house.
  • Foam or sponge gutter guards consist of porous foam that is inserted in the gutters and allows water to pass through but blocks debris.
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