Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing

Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing

gutter installations ctUnless the gutters on your home or office are literally falling off the roof, most homeowners and business owners can’t tell if their gutters need replacing. Many people tend to neglect their gutters and only pay attention when water is pouring over the top or leaking through the ceiling.

Even if you are not a handyman around the house there are some sure signs that will tip you off and let you know your gutters are in need of being replaced.

Cracks: It doesn’t take a detective to spot cracks in your gutters. There are two easy ways to spot cracks in your gutter system: doing a sight inspection or noticing leaking water during a rain storm. While small cracks may not seem like much of a problem, over time these cracks will widen and may start to damage the roof of your home including the shingles. Don’t let small cracks go untreated.

Peeling Paint: If you notice the paint peeling around your gutters this is another sign that your gutters are starting to fail. Pain often peels from continuous exposure to water meaning your gutters are not diverting water away the way it should. Most paint will be able to withstand the average wear and tear but if the paint is fairly new and is starting to peel, take a closer look since this may be a sign your gutters need replacing.

Mildew at the Foundation: When people are looking for problems with their gutters they often look up. However, signs around your home office foundation may also tip you off about faulty gutter conditions. For instance, if you notice pools of water or mildew around the foundation of your home this is a sign that the water being funneled through the gutter is not flowing far enough away from the foundation. If left untreated, enough water can easily damage the foundation and the cost for repairs is quite expensive.

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