The Benefits of K-Style Gutters

The Benefits of K-Style Gutters

k-style gutterK-style, or ogee, gutters are the most commonly chosen design. Almost 80 percent of the gutters installed in the United States are K-style.

These gutters get their name from the way they resemble a “K” when viewed from a side profile. They curve out on the top and bottom, unlike traditional round gutters. Many homeowners like this design because it appears similar to crown molding, which is popular in interior design. “Ogee” is an architectural term that refers to a double arc or curve.

Homeowners and contractors prefer K-style gutters for several reasons. They are durable and easy to install. Many contractors have machinery that allows them to cut K-style gutters at the job site, which allows them to produce longer lengths with fewer seams. Since these gutters have a flat back, the gutter hangers can be secured directly to the fascia board. They are less likely than other types of gutters to bend or protrude when struck by a force. They have a seamless finish, which prevents leaks, and can hold more water than a rounded style gutter. K-style gutters have a stylish appearance that many homeowners prefer.

K-style gutters are available in a variety of sizes and materials and can be customized for any application. They are most commonly made of aluminum but are also available in several other materials, including copper, Galvalume, galvanized steel, lead-coated copper, and copper penny aluminum.

K-style gutters also come in a wide range of sizes. Although 5 and 6 inches are the most common, 7 and 8 inch sizes are also available.

Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors installs copper and aluminum K-style gutters in sizes ranging from 5 to 8 inches. If you are interested in having K-style gutters installed on your house, contact us today for an estimate.

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