The Benefits of Roof and Gutter Heating Systems

The Benefits of Roof and Gutter Heating Systems

Gutter Heating Systems CTFew things are as harmful to most homes as a long, brutal winter. This is especially true in Connecticut, a state particularly well-known for facing every weather extreme in the book. Of all the winter threats to Connecticut homes, ice dams are perhaps the most harmful.

When snow on a roof melts due to warm daytime temperatures or heat escaping from a home’s attic, it often refreezes upon reaches the gutters or eaves. This refrozen ice accumulates quickly, forming ice dams which prevent proper water drainage and cause water to seep into the home. This in turn leads to weakened structural integrity, the possibility of mold, and more. In short, ice dams aren’t something you want to worry about.

The simplest way to deal with ice dams is to prevent them from happening in the first place. For many people, this simply means climbing up to the roof and removing excess snow with a shovel or roof rake before it can melt and cause the ice dams from forming.

However, manual snow and ice removal is a dangerous, time-consuming endeavor, especially during a year with frequent snowfall. A far safer and simpler approach takes advantage of technology a bit more advanced than a ladder and roof rake: roof and gutter heating systems.

Simply put, roof and gutter heating involves systems of heated electric cables installed along the edge of the roof and in the bottom of the gutter, melting snow and preventing ice formation where it does the most damage. Water then flows through the gutter as intended – a marked improvement from into your house’s insulation or icing around the yard’s perimeter.

These systems can be very simple, with cables producing a steady amount of heat operated by a manual on/off switch, or customized and quite sophisticated.

Some roof and gutter heaters have built-in sensors that activate the system automatically as soon as snow begins to fall. Self-regulating roof and gutter heating systems are also popular. Self-regulating systems automatically adjust their energy output to match changes in the weather and temperature, meaning no wasted power when things warm up and no unwanted ice when the outside goes subzero.

Unlike manual methods of ice and water damage prevention, installing a new roof heating system isn’t something you’re going to have to do every time there’s a winter storm. Once it’s installed, your heating system will work through countless snowstorms to come. Doesn’t that sound better than climbing a rickety ladder every time a few inches of snow falls?

If you you’re interested in a heated roof and gutter system and want to learn more about what’s best for you, contact CT Gutter today. Remember: in Connecticut, winter is always just around the corner!

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