Things to Discuss Before Hiring a Gutter Company


Things to Discuss Before Hiring a Gutter Company

gutter installations ctCleaning gutters is a task that many homeowners dread. If you don’t like the hassle or are concerned about your safety, you can hire a gutter company to clean your gutters and repair any damaged parts. Here are some things you should discuss when interviewing companies before you choose someone to do work on your gutters.

Invite at least three companies to inspect your gutters and give you written estimates for the cleaning or repair work. They may recommend the same types of work, or their recommendations may be very different. Be sure to get everything in writing so you can compare all of the estimates. Ask if you will be charged based on the length of the gutters or the size of the house.

If your gutters need to be cleaned, ask about what types of cleaning services the companies recommend and how often cleaning should be done. Ask the companies if they offer discounts to repeat customers.

If you need to replace your gutters, do some research on your own to familiarize yourself with different types of gutters and the pros and cons of each. Learn how gutters and gutter guards work so you can discuss them with gutter companies and make an informed decision.

When comparing estimates, consider each company’s level of experience, not just the price. A newer company might offer a lower price, but lack of experience could mean the work would not be of the same quality as work done by a more experienced company.

Make sure any company you hire has liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect you in case someone gets hurt while working on your gutters. Ask for the policy numbers and call the insurance companies to make sure the policies are up to date.

Always request references from gutter companies you are considering hiring. Call those past clients to ask about the quality of the work the companies did and the homeowners’ experiences working with the companies.

Ask the gutter companies if they offer guarantees or warranties for their products and work. Find out what recourse you will have if the work is not done right or the products do not perform as well as you expected.

While most gutter cleaning and repair companies are reputable, there are some dishonest people out there. Be sure to get everything you agree to in writing and check to make sure the company performs the work that was agreed to.

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