RainPro Gutters

We are proud to call ourselves an exclusive Englert’s RainPro dealer in CT and Westchester.

RainPro is Englert’s solution to your boring, “standard” gutter. It is a seamless “box” gutter with clean, sleek lines that help it blend right in to your home’s eaves. It has the smaller depth of a standard 5″ gutter but the volume and flow capacity of an oversized 6″ gutter.

The gutter and downspout is made of a heavy duty, superior .032 aluminum with a LIFETIME GUARANTEED patented Scratchguard paint finish. This is the most superior paint finish available today and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

We also can fit Englert’s Microguard heavy gauge gutter cover to the RainPro gutter, giving you a low maintenance solution for keeping leaves out.


The RainPro gutter system has been tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and carries the Good Housekeeping Seal, one of the must trusted symbols of product quality in America.

RainPro gutters capture far more water without looking substantially bigger than traditional gutters, resulting in an incredibly efficient system that does not distract from your home’s beauty.

The RainPro gutter system is the only gutter on the market today, with the capacity of a 6” gutter, and a unique design that makes it look no bigger than a 5” gutter.

Color choices

RainPro gutter systems come in a wide range of designer colors to complement every design and every home. The color of your RainPro gutter system is also protected by Englert’s exclusive ScratchGuardTM Paint Finish, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Maximum flow

Compared to standard gutters, RainPro has a larger bottom and downspout, which helps remove rainwater from your roof faster to better protect your home during heavy rainfall. RainPro’s wider gutter bottom and larger outlet give you a dramatic increase in water flow capacity compared to a 5” gutter system.

Better design

Each component of the RainPro gutter system, from the miters and end caps to the hidden hangers, was designed to achieve a totally refined architectural profile that looks like part of your house, not an awkward addition.

Maximum strength

RainPro gutter systems are made from the heaviest gauge aluminum available, for added strength. This makes RainPro gutters 18.5% thicker than standard gutters and more resistant to bending or denting.

RainPro is secured to your home by heavy-duty internal gutter hangers, which give your gutter system maximum strength and durability, yet are totally concealed from view.

Custom fit

All RainPro gutters are seamless, custom formed and cut to the exact dimensions at your home to ensure a perfect fit.


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