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Public Library, New Canaan, CTJust 8 miles northeast of Stamford in Fairfield County is the wealthy community of New Canaan. With a population nearing 20,000 and a high median household income New Canaan is one of Connecticut’s more expensive towns and people who live and work here expect the best. This is why CT Gutter offers unparalleled gutter and exterior services for homes and commercial buildings in New Canaan including gutter installations and repairs, roofing, siding and replacement window installation. Since 2003 CT Gutter has been helping homeowners and commercial building owners throughout Connecticut get the service they need to keep their homes and buildings in great shape.

While New Canaan is certainly a scenic place it’s not immune from the harsh weather that is common to New England. Heavy rain and snow, falling leaves and sleet pose threats to any home or commercial building gutter system and if you neglect your gutters you could be looking at extensive damage and costly repairs. At CT Gutter we provide thorough gutter inspections to identify weak areas and propose affordable solutions that will strengthen your gutters and have your home or office prepared for any kind of weather. From aluminum, copper and zinc gutter installations to existing gutter repair and scheduled cleanings we offer complete gutter services to ensure your roof is well protected from rain and snow.

The Playhouse, New Canaan, CTNo matter what type of gutter system your home or commercial building features, from aluminum and copper to zinc and galvanized steel, we have the experience and skill to perform timely repairs and cleanings to ensure your gutters are working at optimum levels. We also install high quality leafless gutters including Gutter Warrior and Leaf Relief gutter systems that feature durable covers that can drain up to 29.7 inches of water per hour and prevent rain from overflowing even in the heaviest downpours. When winter comes we offer emergency snow and ice removal to prevent your gutters from sagging under the heavy weight. Whether you own a home or commercial building in New Canaan, keep it looking great by having CT Gutter perform professional gutter services.


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