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Town Green, New Haven, CTIf you own a home or commercial building in New Haven and need service for broken or worn gutters, contact the pro’s at Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors. Since 2003 we’ve been helping residents and building owners in New Haven find the right gutter for their needs including zinc, copper and aluminum rain gutters as well as leafless gutter solutions including Leaf Relief and Gutter Warrior systems. We offer complete gutter services including replacement, repair and cleaning and also a number of exterior services including roofing, siding, emergency snow removal and property management.

One of the more popular gutter systems right now are leafless gutter systems. These unique gutters feature covers or guards that form a protective layer over the gutter channel so leaves and other debris can’t get in and cause clogging. We offer Leaf Relief and Gutter Warrior gutter guard systems that are specially designed to stop debris from getting into your gutters while still allowing for the drainage of rainwater and melting snow. Not only can we install a brand new leafless gutter system but we also have the ability to retro-fit a gutter guard over an existing gutter system to meet your needs.

Pepes Pizza, New Haven, CTIf you don’t have a gutter cover system then it is recommended you thoroughly clean your gutters at least twice a year. Many experts suggest doing a cleaning before summer and after fall. Waiting for all the pollen, debris and leaves to fall first before cleaning gutter channels and downspouts is the best way to save time and ensure your gutters are working smoothly. In addition to seasonal gutter cleaning we also provide emergency snow removal for homeowners and offices that need heavy snow removed from their roofs and gutters to avoid leaks and damage.


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