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Town Hall, Westport, CTIf you’ve been neglecting your gutters at home or in an office in Westport, CT, contact Connecticut Gutter, LLC today. People don’t often think about their gutters until something goes wrong but by then it may be too late for a repair and you could be looking at a costly replacement not just for the gutter system but in some cases for the roof as well. At Connecticut Gutter, LLC we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses in Westport, CT get high quality gutter systems that keep rain, snow and ice from collecting in the drain pipes and causing leaks, rot, decay and sagging.

We have expertise in installing, repairing and cleaning a wide variety of gutter systems including aluminum, copper, zinc and galvanized steel gutters as well as custom fabricating gutters in-house for uniquely designed homes and commercial buildings. We also work extensively with leafless gutter systems including Gutter Warrior and LeafRelief gutters that ensure virtually no leaves or debris will get into the drains or downspout of your gutters. From initial consultations to installations and follow up cleanings and repairs we handle every aspect of gutter systems and will ensure the gutters you have are right for your home or building and perform at an optimum level.

Saugatuck River, Westport, CTWhile Westport offers beautiful shoreline scenery it is also prone to harsh New England weather including snowy winters and wet springs and summers. You also get the double-edged sword of the fall foliage that provides amazing colors but also plenty of leaves to clog your gutters and downspouts. Don’t let rain, leaves, snow and ice ruin your gutter system. Trust in the professional and prompt gutter services from Connecticut Gutter, LLC that includes emergency snow and ice removal and thorough gutter cleanings that will ensure your gutter drains and downspouts are clear and allow for the free flow of water from your roof.

We also have a general contracting division that can handle a wide variety of home improvement projects including roofing replacement and repairs, vinyl siding, replacement door and window installation, interior and exterior painting, metal flashing and rainwater harvesting. Whether you own a home or commercial building in Westport, CT and need new gutter installation or existing gutter repair, Connecticut Gutter, LLC is ready to help guide you to the most cost-effective and durable gutter system.


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