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Keep unneeded stress off of your gutters during winter months while protecting the structure from the elements with our ice & snow removal service. Call Frank today at 203-878-2411 to set up an appointment.

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Ice & Snow Removal from Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors

ice snow removal ctConnecticut winters are nothing to take lightly. The snow and ice from blizzards and Nor’easters can create serious problems for homes and offices.

When heavy snow and ice pile up on a roof or in your gutters, it is imperative that you remove it as quickly as possible. Leaving snow and ice on the roof of a home or office building will lead to excessive weight and this can cause sections to buckle and eventually collapse.

Ice in gutters can lead to ice dams. When water builds up behind the blockage of ice it is referred to as an ice dam or ice jam, and this can have terrible consequences for your home or office. The heat in your building will start to melt the snow but if there is an ice dam blocking the drainage the water will have nowhere to go. The blocked water will begin to leak through the roof and will result in damage to ceilings, walls, the roof structure and even insulation.

Snow and ice are not to be ignored

The longer you wait to remove snow and ice from the roof of your home or office the harder it will get.

At CT Gutter we have a trained and experienced team of snow removal experts ready to dispatch to your location to rid your building of dangerous snow and ice conditions. We operate throughout Connecticut providing homeowners and commercial building owners with the roofing and gutter services they need to stay safe.

Tips for Removing Ice from Around Your Home

ice removal connecticut

  • Pay Attention to Your Footing
    Find or prepare a non-slippery spot for yourself prior to starting.
  • Choose Chemical Products Carefully
    Magnesium chloride is less corrosive than sodium chloride found in rock salt that can damage concrete and metal surfaces. Read labels carefully.
  • Remove Icicles from Your Home
    Prevent injuries to vistors of your home by removing any hanging icicles located in commonly used walkways.
Safety Tips for Removing Snow from Your Roof
  • Work from the Ground if Possible
    Using a snow rake helps avoid falling to the ground below.
  • Don’t Work Alone
    If you were to fall off the roof who would be there to help? Will you be too hurt to yell?
  • Don’t Pile the Snow
    Avoid piling snow before pushing it off as the accumulated weight can effect the roof structure or cause a collapse of said roof.
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