Gutter Cleaning and Homeowner's Insurance

Maintain Your Gutters to Save Money on Homeowner’s Insurance

Gutter Cleaning ConnecticutBy now you are well aware of the many benefits to cleaning the gutters on your home. By ridding your gutter system of debris you avoid clogs that could lead to damage to the gutters, the roof, the siding and even the foundation of your home. However, did you know that regular gutter cleaning and roof maintenance can also save you money when it comes to your homeowner’s insurance?

Not many homeowners are aware of this, but if you neglect maintenance on your roof and gutters and a severe storm should blow in and cause serious damage, you could be stuck paying the repairs and replacements out of pocket.

When a storm comes such as a hurricane, it can cause real damage to a roof and the gutter system. Leaks, torn shingles, ripped gutter channels and even gaping holes can all result from a powerful tropical storm. When you inspect the damage you will be shocked but will probably believe your insurance will cover the damage. Here’s where it gets tricky. Insurance companies don’t just write blank checks. They will send a representative to assess the damage and this person will ask to see receipts of recent gutter and roof work.

If you have not done any maintenance on your roof or gutters in a specific amount of time (this can vary on your insurance provider and the policy you have) you could very easily be denied the claim. The adjuster will inform you that it is your responsibility to shore up any problems with your roof or gutter to the best of your ability in order to quality for insurance coverage.

If you think that’s bad news, wait until you get the estimate from a contractor for roof and gutter repairs knowing you will have to pay the full cost. Taking the time to inspect your gutters and roof and have timely repairs and maintenance done will cost a lot less than the price of full replacement should a powerful storm wreck it.

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