How Hard is Gutter Cleaning?

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How Hard is Gutter Cleaning

gutter installations ctHow hard is gutter cleaning? Let’s just say a lot. While the job does not require any amazing technical skills, the labor is hard, the heights can get dizzying and the hours are long. Cleaning the gutters of a full size home can take several hours to do properly and if you have any disabilities or ailments it is strongly recommended that you do not undertake this project on your own.

At CT Gutter we specialize in thorough gutter cleaning which also includes a full service inspection so you know if your gutter is in need of any repairs of replacements. Here’s why we think you should hire us to clean your home or office gutters in Connecticut.

Dangers: Working on a roof or ladder placed on a home side can be dangerous. One small slip and you could easily fall 20’ and have nothing but the hard ground to break your fall. If you are alone it could be some time before help arrives and can call an ambulance. When you work with CT Gutter you get an experienced team of gutter cleaners who know their business and how to do it safe. Fully licensed and insured we put no burden on the customer and get the job done properly.

Thorough Job: Many gutter cleaners simply blow the leaves out of the channels and consider their job done. We don’t take the easy way out. We know there are lot more dangers than just dry leaves. From twigs to animal nests there could any number of outdoor hazards that will cause your gutter to clog when heavy rain and snow falls. In addition to a thorough cleaning, we also offer a full inspection that includes condition of mitres, condition of joint sealant, disassembly of downspouts and the bagging and removal of all debris.

Recommendations: While some gutter cleaners will easily see that your gutter is weak and in need of repair they are only there to clean and will leave. At CT Gutter we know how important gutters are to your home safety so we take the time to explain all the work that was done and what we recommend for maintenance including gutter repairs, gutter replacements and the installation of gutter covers.

Let’s be honest, no homeowner or building owner wants to spend an afternoon cleaning their gutters. We offer a very competitive price that will make it worth your while to let us handle the hard, dirty work. Contact CT Gutter and schedule your appointment today.

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