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Gutter Cleaning Tips from Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors

If you think gutter cleaning is a dirty and mundane job, guess what? You’re right. There’s no way to sugar coat this home maintenance task and it is better off just admitting that no one enjoys climbing to the roof and spending an afternoon digging out debris that can include dirty, wet leaves, twigs and pine cones. However, gutters need to be cleaned in order to avoid clogs that could cause serious damage to your roof, siding and foundation.

The best tips we can give is to hire a professional gutter cleaning team. While gutter cleaning may seem simple there’s a lot more to it than just removing leaves and spraying down the gutter channels. Gutter cleanings are often combined with inspections that can indicate if there is a problem that will require repairs or gutter replacement.

If you are going to clean your gutters, follow these tips.

Wait for the leaves to fall

In Connecticut it usually takes until the middle of November for trees to be empty of leaves. Cleaning your gutters prior to this is just a waste of time since you will need to go back up and clear the last of the leaves that fell since your cleaning. Be patient and watch the trees for your signal to begin. When all you see are barren tree limbs then you can begin with the cleaning process.

Be safe

Working on gutters can be dangerous if you are not careful. Being alone, using an old ladder and working on a rainy day when the roof can be slick is a good way to cause an accident. Always have someone with you or at least tell someone that you will be working on the roof. If you slip and fall from the roof or ladder and no one is around to help you could be in for a long wait and a lot of pain. Try to avoid working on the roof and instead use the ladder to gain access to the gutters and debris. Make sure the ladder is sturdy and there are no broken rungs.

Have the Right Gear

When you clean gutters, be prepared for a dirty job. Wear clothes that are loose-fitting and you don’t plan on wearing to a cocktail party. You should also have a durable pair of work gloves that will protect your hands from any sharp objects you come across but also have a strong grip. Lace up waterproof work boots, wear safety glasses and consider a dust mask to prevent inhaling musty debris that could cause you to cough and sneeze hard enough to lose your balance on the ladder.

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