Removing Gutter Clogs

Protect Your Home, Unclog Blocked Gutters ASAP

Cleaning Clogged GuttersYou should unclog a blocked gutter as quickly as possible to prevent damage to your landscaping, home exterior, gutters and foundation.

Leaves and twigs get lodged in the gutters, which cause damage to your gutters and other areas of the house from the roofline to the foundation.

You can tell your gutters are clogged when it rains and the water spills over the edges of the gutter and sprays from the gutter seams and elbow joints. You’ll also see peeling paint on the siding and wet or dirty siding beneath the gutter.

The gutter is clogged on the downspout cage, a wire strainer that may be bent out of place. Gutter hangers and spikes land in gutter and cause clogs. Downspout elbows and seams slip free, land in the gutter and catch leaves and twigs to cause clogs.

You can unclog a gutter by removing and cleaning the downspout cage and reseating it into the downspout hole. If the cage is damaged or missing, it must be replaced. If the clog occurs at an elbow or seam and you can reach it from above, free the obstruction with a plumbing snake and if you can’t reach it, disassemble the downspout and remove the clog.

If you’d prefer to leave your gutter problems to the experts, contact Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors today. offer complete service for aluminum, copper, zinc, and galvanized gutters. It provides gutter repair, gutter cleaning and snow and ice removal from home gutters. It also installs new gutters. serves all of Connecticut and Westchester County. Its gutter cleanings include removing all debris and conducting a 10-point inspection system that scans for holes, damage and roof debris and covers the condition of mitres, joint sealant and gutter pitch.

The company also installs all kinds of gutters, including K-style, half round and box style with the most durable materials – aluminum, copper, zinc and galvanized steel.

Don’t let faulty gutters ruin the roofing and siding of your home.

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