Spring & Fall Gutter Cleaning

Spring & Fall Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning ConnecticutIt’s not a question of whether you should clean your gutters (of course you should) but when. Homeowners and commercial property owners in Connecticut need to be aware of the importance of gutter cleaning and why spring and fall are the ideal times for performing a thorough cleaning of your rain gutter system.

Late Fall: Connecticut is known for its brilliant autumn foliage that brushes the landscape with beautiful colors. However, once the pretty show is over those leaves come falling down and often end up in your gutters where they pile up and cause water to clog. If you don’t have a gutter cover or shield then it is very important to schedule a gutter cleaning towards mid-to-late November. If you allow dead leaves to stay in your gutter channels it is very easy for the leaves to cover downspout holes and in turn prevent rainwater from draining properly. This means a serious clog and the potential for damage to your roof and siding.

Another reason for cleaning your gutters towards the end of autumn is in preparation for the winter season. Anyone who has lived in Connecticut knows about the heavy snowfall the state can get and if you have not cleaned your gutters it is very easy for melting snow to clog and form ice dams. This can force unnecessary weight on the gutter system and in extreme cases cause sections to collapse. Cleaning your gutters before winter is crucial to having a safe roof throughout the season.

Late Spring: The other recommended time to have your gutters cleaned is late spring. After a harsh winter there will be a lot of debris gathered in your gutter channels and this needs to be removed before the summer rains fall. You also see a lot of activity by small critters including squirrels that will lead to potential problems with gutters. From clawing along the gutter sections to leaving nut shells in the downspouts, squirrels and other animals can be very detrimental to the effectiveness of your gutter system.

Connecticut summers can feature sudden and heavy rain and if your gutters are not ready you could be looking at significant damage. Torrential rain and clogged gutters can lead to water overflowing and leaking up under the shingles where the water will then begin to leak through your ceilings. Heavy rain in a clogged gutter can also cause water to flood near the foundation of your home or building and if the flooding is bad enough weaken the foundation.

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