Tools for DIY Gutter Cleaning

Make Sure to Use the Right Tools for DIY Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaning services ctWhile it is recommended that you hire a professional to do annual gutter cleanings, there may come a few times during the year when a spot cleaning is necessary. As long as you are comfortable working on a ladder at heights up to 20’s or more and have a friend who can be there to assist, then a DIY gutter cleaning is possible.

However, in order to perform this task safely and with as little problems as possible, you are going to need the right tools.

At Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors we recommend having the following tools on hand before you attempt to clean your gutters.

  • Work Gloves: You never know what you will find in your gutters but you can guarantee it won’t be clean. There also may be sharp objects, including glass, so the best thing you do for your hands is wear a sturdy pair of durable work gloves. Make sure the gloves have added protection along the fingers and in the palm and that it allows you to grasp tools easily.
  • Trowel Shovels: If the gunk and debris has really built up, you will want to use a small but durable trowel shovel to scoop out the debris. Leaves, dirt and other outdoor debris can get pretty messy and if it’s wet this could ruin the materials of your work gloves. By using a trowel you keep your hands safe and get most of the junk out of the gutter channel.
  • Trash Bags: Simply tossing the debris onto the yard can create quite a mess. You’ll swear you will clean it up later but for most, later never comes. To avoid piles of debris in your yard, always use heavy-duty trash bags when cleaning your gutters and make sure to tie each bag up securely when it is nearing capacity.

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