Tools for Gutter Cleanings

Tools to Use When Doing Gutter Cleaning On Your Own

gutter cleaning services ctThe days of using your hands to empty gutter channels and downspouts are coming to an end. With the realization of how important gutter cleaning is an entire segment of the tool industry has been introducing new products that will help keep residential and commercial gutters clean. You are always better off going with a professional gutter cleaning company, preferably one that also can handle repairs and gutter replacement, but if you are determined to do your own spot cleaning know the right tools you’ll need to perform effective gutter cleaning.

The Basics

While there are plenty of new gadgets on the market that will promise better gutter cleaning there are a few essentials you’ll need before you get to the fancy stuff. Having a sturdy ladder that has been tested is essential for reaching the roof of your home. Cleaning gutters by laying flat on the roof is very dangerous and it is strongly recommended you clean gutters from a ladder. You should also have a rugged pair of work gloves that will keep your hands dry and safe from debris and objects that could cause cuts or rashes. It is also a good idea to have a garden hose that reaches up to your roof so you can do a thorough rinse when finished.

Additional Gutter Tools

Once you have the basics covered you can move on to other tools that will help make cleaning your gutters easier. Since garden hoses can be difficult to position when spraying gutters many people like to use a water wand or telescoping wand that can reach places a garden hose can’t. You can add a pressure washer to a watering wand to get a force that will easily dislodge dry and crusty leaves and debris. If its autumn and you want to keep up with the falling leaves using gutter cleaning blower attachments that can fit on a variety of leaf blowers and will allow you to blow away dry leaves with ease.

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