What Gutter Cleaners Don’t Tell You

What Gutters Cleaners Don’t Tell You

Gutter Cleaning ConnecticutWhen you contract with a gutter cleaning company you will most likely get your gutters cleaned, but that’s it. Most gutter cleaning services focus solely on removing the dirt and debris from your home or office gutters and calling it a day. However, when it comes to gutters there are many more tasks that need to be done in order to ensure your gutters are ready for foul weather.

No one is saying that your average gutter cleaner is ripping you off; he said he would clean the gutters and he will. But will he check the condition of your gutter channels and downspouts? Will he disassemble the downspout at the elbow and check for clogs? Will he check on the condition of the mitres, fasteners, screws and joint sealants? Will he tell you where cracks are forming and how long it will be before your gutters start springing leaks?

The fact is, most gutter cleaners don’t include inspections in their service and wouldn’t tell you any of the above information even if they could. Dragging debris out of a gutter is dirty work, but not hard. Chances are when you were growing up your dad hauled you up to the roof a few times to help clean the gutters. But these days you need much more than just a cleaning. You need a trained expert ready to spot check every part of your gutter system so you get the information you need to make informed decisions about repairs and replacements.

When you contract with CT Gutter you not only get the best gutter cleaning service possible but you also benefit from having a trained gutter installation expert appraising the condition of your gutters. We take the time to carefully inspect every part of your home or office gutter so we can recommend areas that need fixing or replacing.

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