When to Clean Gutters

Knowing The Optimal Time to Clean Gutters is Important

gutter cleaning services ctKnowing when to clean your gutters in New England is important. The obvious answer is to clean the gutters when it appears there is a clog or other problem that is preventing the water from draining properly. However, there are two crucial times during the year that are recommended for cleaning your residential or commercial gutters: late fall and early summer.

The reason for choosing these times to clean gutters is to allow all the dead leaves to fall in the autumn and all the pollen, twigs and spring debris to collect in the early summer. You don’t want to spend money having your gutters cleaned only to have to call the gutter cleaning company back and have the cleaners come again.

Keeping up with falling leaves in autumn is a futile task. It’s best to wait until the trees are bare so you know one good professional cleaning job will get rid of all the debris. The same is true for summer. Spring can cause a lot of pollen and other debris to lodge in gutter channels and downspouts and if you wait until late May or early June you can get everything removed in one job.

While late fall and late spring are best for gutter cleaning don’t hesitate to contact a gutter cleaner if you notice problems with your gutter draining including water spilling over the gutter lid, leaks coming through the ceiling and sagging gutter sections. All of these can be signs that there is a clog in your gutter and if left alone this can cause serious damage when heavy rain and snow fall.

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