Why Professionals Should Clean Your Gutters

Let Professionals Clean Your Gutters, Notice the Time You Have for Yourself

gutter cleaning services ctGutter cleaning is probably the least liked home improvement project. Dirty, dangerous and dull the idea of spending an afternoon perched on a roof or climbing up and down ladders while you dig through the gunk left in your gutter channels is not what most homeowners and building managers consider fun. However, it is essential that the gutters on a home or commercial building be cleaned at least twice a year and it is also highly recommended that you contract a professional gutter cleaning company to perform the service.

Gutter Cleaning Hazards

First off, gutter cleaning is not as easy as it looks. Balancing on ladders while scraping through collected debris in a gutter can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. One little slip and you could very easily fall and cause serious injury. If no one is around it could be some time before someone finds you and calls for an ambulance. Cleaning out a dirty gutter can also lead to a number of surprises such as a bird or other small animal suddenly jumping from the pile of leaves in your gutter. Being startled when working high above the ground can also lead to a slip and fall and depending on how high up your roof is the injuries that result from the fall can be severe. Since it is advised that your gutters be cleaned twice a year it is better to spare yourself the time and hassle and have a professional gutter cleaner perform the task.

Knowing What To Look For

Another reason to hire a professional gutter cleaner is that they know what to look for. Removing the leaves and debris from gutters isn’t hard but how would you know if there is a slight leak, a clog in the downspout or the condition of your mitres? At Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors all of our technicians are trained to not only perform a thorough gutter cleaning but also conduct a 10-point inspection system that reviews the entire gutter system and identifies and faults, weak spots or leaks. With the added bonus of a full inspection you’ll know immediately if your home or commercial gutters need to be repaired or replaced.

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