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Gutter Covers & Protection from Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors for CT and Westchester County

Gutter Covers CTGutter guards are clever inventions that protect your gutters from common outdoor hazards including dead leaves, twigs, pine needles and tree sap. By forming a protective mesh cover over your gutter channel you allow rain and melting snow to filter through and drain properly while the debris gets left on top of the screen so you eliminate clogging and cleaning.

At Connecticut Gutter & Exterior we carry Leaf Relief and Gutter Warrior leafless gutter systems that can improve the performance of your gutters and make cleaning gutters a thing of the past.

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The main benefit to installing a leafless gutter system on your home or commercial building is to eliminate clogs. When dead leaves, twigs, tree bark and other outdoor debris collect in a gutter channel or downspout it causes a barricade that makes it hard for water to drain through. Instead water starts to back up and rise, eventually spilling over the gutter lid and creeping up under the roof shingles. Clogs are the cause of many gutter problems including leaks, sagging sections and roof damage. With a solid gutter cover over the gutter openings you will keep debris from ever getting into the gutters. Gutter guards are made with mesh tops that allow rainwater and melting snow to filter through the debris and safely down the gutter drain.

Reduce the Presence of Clogs Caused by
  • Dead Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Outdoor Debris

No More Cleaning

If you don’t have anything falling into your gutter then you have no need to clean it. Twice a year homeowners are faced with the unenviable task of climbing up to the roof and scooping out the gunk that has collected over the season. Instead of having to do this task, or spending the money to have a gutter cleaning company do the work, your gutter shields will prevent debris from getting into the gutter channel or downspout therefore eliminating the need for regular gutter cleaning.

Better Draining

The patented aluminum mesh technology that is featured on Gutter Warrior and Leaf Relief products helps drain water effectively and at a rapid rate. The open water flow created by these gutter shields is capable of draining up to 29.7″ of water per hour. Weather resistant, these gutter covers can withstand heavy rain and snow, high winds and intense heat while still performing at an optimum level.

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