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Leaf Relief Gutter Protection from Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors

Leaf ReliefKeeping gutters well protected from many outdoor hazards including leaves, twigs, pine needles and debris is essential to having gutters that are maintenance free and work even in the heaviest of downpours. At CT Gutter & Exteriors we are proud to offer our commercial and residential customers the superior Leaf Relief gutter guard system that features patented Aluma-Perf Technology™ that is designed to keep debris out of gutters while still allowing rain and melting snow to filter through.

With Leaf Relief effectively installed on your gutters you can say good-bye to routine gutter cleaning and will also ensure your gutter is well protected from bothersome animals including birds and squirrels.

leaf relief gutter systemsLeaf Relief gutter covers effectively keep your gutter channels and downspouts free of leaves, pine needles, twigs and other outdoor debris that can easily cause clogs. At the same time, the unique gutter shield system keeps an open water flow that is capable of draining up to 29.7” of water per hour.

The tough aluminum construction of the Leaf Relief gutter guards resists damage caused from high winds, heavy snow and ice. Debris settles harmlessly on the gutter cover top and is then blown away with a moderate breeze keeping your gutters free of leaves and clogs.

Unlike main competitors including Gutter Helmut and Gutter Topper, Leaf Relief is the only gutter cover system that provides 100% debris efficiency, fits all roofs and never requires gutter repositioning, is virtually invisible from the ground, will never cave in and resists not only foul weather but also birds and squirrels.

Independent testing has been done to confirm that Leaf Relief does better than other gutter systems. See for Yourself.

Some areas covered by testing.

  • Leaf Entry/Blockage
  • Twig Entry/Blockage
  • Pine Needle Entry/Blockage
  • Open Water Flow
  • Obstructed Water Flow
  • Clearing of Debris
  • Weather Resistant

With Leaf Relief gutter guards installed on your roof gutters you can eliminate frequent maintenance and cleaning, get an affordable cover system that will work every time and have an exterior product that won’t ruin the existing look of your home.

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Leaf Relief

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