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Gutter heaters can aid in avoiding ice dams that damage your home. Prevent ice from forming on your sidewalk or driveway with our gutter heater installation service.

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Gutter Heaters: Ice Dam Prevention

gutter heaters ConnecticutIce dams are a common problem that many Connecticut homeowners face in the winter. They can cause gutters to become backed up, water to leak through the roof, and gutters and shingles to come loose.

An ice dam forms when heat escapes from a house or the sun melts snow on the roof. As snow melts, water runs along the roof to the eaves, which are unheated. The water then freezes and forms an ice dam. This prevents water from draining into the gutters.

Ice Arrest can solve this problem. We can install heat trace cables on your roof that can heat the eaves and prevent ice dams from forming. Water will simply flow into the gutters and downspouts and away from your house.

What You’ll Avoid

  • Icy sidewalks
  • Icy driveways
  • Slip & fall risks
  • Damage to roof & interior walls
  • Damage to foundations & more…

The heat trace cables have controls that can sense the temperature and respond accordingly. They will turn on automatically if the temperature reaches 38 degrees Fahrenheit and moisture is present. You will not need to do anything before or after a snow event or change of season.

We can install heat trace cables under and over asphalt, cedar, stone, synthetic, rubber, and metal roofs. We can integrate our solutions either before or after the roof and gutters are installed. We use only industrial quality, UL-listed, industry-proven heat, sensor, and control systems.


Types of Roofs We Can Install On

  • Asphalt
  • Cedar
  • Stone
  • Synthetic
  • Rubber
  • Metal

gutter heaters ConnecticutThe cables are run into a control box that is connected to the house’s electrical system. Cables can be placed on the entire building or in a single section. We can design a custom solution to match your needs. All systems are designed and installed to last as long as the life of the roof. We can address any causal or symptomatic issues.

Ice Arrest can help in other locations where you have an ice problem. If your sidewalk or driveway gets icy, we can put heat trace cables or mats underneath it to keep the temperature above freezing.

Ice can cause serious problems if it forms in your gutters or on your driveway or sidewalk. Take action now to prevent ice from forming this winter with Ice Arrest.

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