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If your home needs new windows, energy efficient vinyl windows with Low-E glass and Energy Star certification from CT Gutter is your best option.

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Window Replacement Services in Connecticut

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Your windows are one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Windows let light in, keep cold out, beautify, protect, and more. Good windows are especially crucial here in New England, where we experience the extremes of both winter and summer alike – energy savings offered by a high-performing set of windows is no small matter.

If it’s time to replace your Connecticut home’s windows, make sure you get the best windows and service available with the team at Connecticut Gutter & Exteriors.

Why You Should Get Your Replacement Windows from CT Gutter

More than just plain glass and vinyl frames, the energy efficient vinyl replacement windows offered by CT Gutter boast state-of-the-art warm-edge spacers that improve durability and thermal insulation, Solarban 70XL Low-E high performance glass for improved winter and summer performance, argon gas insulation, and insulated foam-filled frames to improve overall window performance.

In addition to offering the very best in replacement windows and hardware, we’re proud to offer the very best in service. We’ve worked on small residential homes, huge estates, large commercial buildings, and everything in between. The one constant throughout all of our jobs has been a dedication to serving our clients’ needs with honesty, respect, and flexibility.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows from CT Gutter

An illustration demonstration the benefits of Low-E window glass.

Replacement windows offered by CT Gutter boast Energy Star ratings, certification by the Nation Fenestration Rating Council, and more. Consider these specifics:

  • Warm edge window spacers improve window performance by 5%
  • Solarban 70XL Low-E glass improved summer performance by 63%, winter performance by 47%, and reduces ultraviolet energy by 90% over regular insulated glass.
  • Argon gas insulation improves window energy efficiency by 6%.
  • Foam insulation in the window frame improves insulating value by 10%.

Taken together, these add up to seriously improved window performance. And with the average person in Connecticut spending $1,286 per year on home energy costs according to, improved window performance can add up to some serious long-term energy savings. (Not to mention, these windows look great.)

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