Can You Install Gutters in the Winter?

This question gets asked time and again and its a valid one! After all, you likely are running in from your car looking up at your damaged gutters, frozen to the bone and are under the assumption that NO ONE in their right mind would be working in New England winter weather. Gutter guys must fly South for the winter, right? This is partially true.

If its 35 degrees or colder, we reserve the right to call off work for the day. Its unusually punishing to the crews ro keep them outside in those temps, especially with any windchill. Hands/fingers don't work well, legs move slowly and any ice on the lawn or pavement is extremely dangerous, especially while trying to foot ladders. Also, any snow or ice on your roof could be completely hazardous. As the sun is out melting snow or ice, it creates a constant trickle of water that completely disrupts our ability to make watertight seams. Also, ice in your existing gutters sometimes can be impossible to remove without damaging roof shingle. We wait for warmer days in those cases.

HOWEVER, its not always at freezing temps! We always look forward to a work day and we queue work for days at 40 degrees or warmer. This Winter of 2020 has been glorious. Sure we have had some cold days but its generally been 7 degrees warmer than "normal" for this time of year. We've embraced it can the work goes on!

When in doubt, just call our office. There is always someone here to answer your call and speak to you about our current production schedule. He or she can tell you just how fast we can get out to your home to make the necessary repairs. We are open 12 months a year, ready to serve you. Call any time al 203-625-1616

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