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CT Gutter Named Certified Maintenance Provider for CULTEC Stormwater Management Systems

CULTEC, the leader in stormwater management solutions, announced an agreement with CT Gutter. naming them their first Certified Maintenance Provider

Riverside, CT - February 14, 2019


Source: Connecticut Gutter, LLC

GREENWICH, CT, Feb. 14, 2019  – CULTEC, Inc. (“CULTEC”), the manufacturer of the Contactor®, Recharger®, and CULTEC StormFilter® stormwater management solutions, and Connecticut Gutter, LLC (“CT Gutter”) a professional rain gutter and roofing/siding contractor have announced an agreement that names CT Gutter as CULTEC’s first Certified Maintenance Provider for Fairfield and Westchester counties.

CT Gutter is excited to have its service business portfolio expand to include the maintenance and professional inspection of CULTEC’s stormwater management systems.  The partnership is a seemingly natural pairing of rain gutter system design, installation and maintenance complimented by CULTEC’s subsurface systems for controlling water run-off.  Trained by CULTEC, CT Gutter is authorized to inspect and install CULTEC products for new and retrofit residential stormwater systems.  Services may include installation of inspection ports to allow for periodic visual examination and water filtration units that prevent leaves and debris found in rainwater from clogging outflow systems and piping while avoiding potential flooding issues and system back-ups.

“We have been operating in and around stormwater systems for 15 years and we are excited to form this partnership with CULTEC, the defined industry leader in stormwater detention/retention products.  Municipalities are now beginning to enforce maintenance of stormwater systems to retain compliance with Wetlands regulations and such. Our intent is to give the consumer with said systems a turnkey service solution to maintain compliance.  This includes outstanding customer service, professional engineers’ support and reporting as well as fast technician response time all while leveraging technology”, says Francis J. Heneghan, CEO and Director of Marketing for CT Gutter.

Fred Dotson, President of CULTEC, Inc. says, “Once a stormwater system is installed underground, people tend to forget about it until there is a problem. It could be that their system began to back up and cause their basement to flood or that the water is running downhill into their neighbor’s yard. Regular inspections and maintenance can help to reduce those issues from arising. CT Gutter is the perfect fit for us as a manufacturer to align with a company geared to maintain the longevity and optimum functionality of our systems.


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CULTEC prides itself on being an R&D-based manufacturer and places a strong emphasis on product development.  In 1986, CULTEC introduced its Contactor and Recharger septic and stormwater chambers to the industry and helped to begin a revolution toward the usage of plastic construction products.  As the creator of the plastic chamber, CULTEC has been awarded the title of “The Founder of Plastic Chamber Technology”. CULTEC’s worldwide presence includes chamber installations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.  Its products are manufactured at ISO 9001:2015 facilities for strict quality control.  Select profiles meet the performance requirements of IAPMO, ASTM and AASHTO (Section 12) LRFD standards, as well as achieve third-party certification to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B184 standard for Polymeric Subsurface Stormwater Management Structures.  In addition, CULTEC chambers are constructed of impact-modified and long-term creep resistant polymers, ensuring that the chambers achieve a minimum 50-year service life.  CULTEC’s corporate headquarters is located in Brookfield, Connecticut.  Learn more at

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