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What are we doing about the COVID-19 Virus?

I want to take this time to reach out and update you on how we as a company are handling the COVID-19 situation. We care deeply for our “business family” including clients, employees, suppliers and trade partners and want to wish everyone health and safety during this stressful time in our lives. We will remain operational in order to extend to you an exceptional customer service experience, but will strictly adhere to State of Connecticut mandates, suggestions from the CDC and general common sense in order to safeguard best we can. Here are a few ways in which we will alter our processes given the current situation: 

Office Operations Our offices will remain open for now and live personnel will be available to you during normal office hours. Outside of normal business hours, a live operator will be available to take your messages and get them to the right staffer(s). We will have no guests in or out of our office in order to protect our staff. Should we close the office and should staff begin to work from home, please be patient with any phone messages you may need to leave. Email is suggested in that instance. 

Sales and Estimations We will continue to produce estimates and conduct field visits but respectfully will keep away from entering homes or buildings. We have been leveraging technology for years to both measure, markup and produce estimations and we will continue to do so. Our estimators have the ability to send you a live link to your email or mobile device while on premises to share marked up photos in order to explain their findings. They also use digital estimation software to quote and transact as well as DocuSign to generate contracts. We do not need to be in contact with you or your loved ones to conduct business! 

Production We will continue to schedule and execute our production calendar on all exterior work. Interior work on “new construction” will also continue. We have also commissioned a new van with a commercial aqua jetter capable of 4,000psi and high heat (180 degrees) along with commercial grade disinfectant to allow us to be able to treat and decontaminate outside spaces such as playscapes, decks, patios, patio furniture, etc for clients. Call to find out more on that. Lastly, we will respectfully halt production on any interior work in an inhabited home for the time being. 

Communication Please continue to use our office number at 203-878-2411 and email to [email protected] for immediate response from our team. 

Stay safe and take care, 

Stacy and Francis J. Heneghan

My ground drain seems to drain slowly. What can be done?

It should be assessed by a professional. It could be clogged or it may have a break. A pro can camera the drain with CCTV and examine each linear foot of the drain line. They can also jet the line and even cut through clogs or roots. If there is a break in the line, a pro can mark exactly where the break is for easy excavation. 

How often should we have our gutters cleaned?

Often! Two or three times a year is the right answer in New England. Many homes in rural areas need as many as 5 gutter cleanings a year to keep the house safe and dry. 

What is the most effective gutter cover?

There is no magic bullet when it comes to covers. Different covers work better in different environments with different tree types. There is no perfect solution, only closest to perfect. We use Microguard by Englert and recommend you have it serviced annually to keep out of trouble.

Why is "The Connecticut Gutter" so unique?

There are many reasons. The Connecticut Gutter is the first seamless rain gutter in a residential sized box profile. Its what architects have been asking for to compliment a more contemporary look or for when you want the gutters to disappear. The gutter is also made from premium aluminum painted in a textured, high quality paint, in a number of architecturally inspired color options.

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