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  • Comment: With a failed stormwater system and a collapsed underground drain on my property, I needed to find a competent drainage company with considerable experience and expertise in Cultec stormwater systems to solve my drainage woes. Connecticut Gutter was highly recommended to me by a local engineering company, who told me that they would be able to help me out.

    The engineer was right. I was extremely impressed by their excellent project management skills, their efficient site work, and their positive attitude towards me as their client. They were happy to answer my questions, and every step of the way they made me feel as though I was being taken care of.

    I really appreciated their advice to install filters to prevent future problems with my other stormwater systems.

    During the project their guys worked with great attention to detail and respect for my property. They were organized and tidy with their equipment and machinery. Despite the large size of the digger, they dug the holes, installed the new system, along with filters for my existing systems, and filled in the holes with great care and precision. As a keen gardener I was also very happy that they tied back some rhododendrons, and made other decisions to to prevent them from damage whilst they repaired the section of collapsed drain.

    I’m very pleased with the work that they did, and the way in which they completed the project. They most definitely earned every one of their five stars in my review.
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