CULTEC Stormwater Inspection Process

CULTEC Stormwater Process

The CULTEC Stormwater Inspection Process often seems incredibly intimidating. However, it doesn't have to be if you work with Connecticut Gutter, LLC. We take care of almost everything to make the process simple.

Connecticut Gutter, LLC will:

1Go to town hall (or CT Gutter will go in your behalf), research your property and make copies of any as-built plans on file.

2With your engagement, a team is then sent to the property to inspect all aspects of the stormwater system, including inlets, leader drains, catch basins, rain gardens and stormwater chambers via inspection ports.

3The inspection is done with drain cameras and video footage of everything is captured.

4Field notes are taken regarding conditions and notable findings.

5When we run into debris or issues, we can jet the line with our high-pressure water jetters. In the case of broken or damaged piping, we can locate the exact spot of the break in the yard and mark it for repairs.

6All notes, video content and marked up as-builts are then passed to our Professional Engineer. From there the Engineer reviews all the data and generates a report. He'll visit the property if findings are questionable and conduct further investigation.

7The Engineer then generates a compliant maintenance log and inspection report in a timely fashion and sends it along directly to your municipality to clear you of your requirements and get you 100% compliant.

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