Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, & Nearby

Remove algae and other debris from your roof with soft wash roof cleaning

Roofs can grow filthy over time, especially as algae and mold grow along the roof. Not only do algae and mold significantly decrease your home's curb appeal, but it can also cause serious and permanent damage to the shingles themselves, potentially even necessitating a full roof replacement.

Don't let your roof get this bad! Here at Connecticut Gutter, LLC we offer quality soft wash roof cleaning services that can safely remove algae and other debris before they can cause problems. We work with Softwash Systems and use their specialized chemicals to completely scrub the roof without damaging the shingles or other roofing materials.

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Soft washing vs pressure/power washing

Pressure/Power washing is a powerful method of cleaning and is extremely effective at removing debris. Unfortunately, it's often far too effective for its own good when badly applied. The powerful blowing and blasting action often removes both the algae and some of the shingles (or bits of the shingles) that they were resting on. Like killing a fly with a baseball bat, you are likely to accomplish the job, but also likely to cause secondary damage.

Soft washing is similarly effective but without the same side effects. Rather than using a powerful blowing and blasting action, soft washing instead uses specially designed chemicals to remove the problematic algae and other debris without causing serious damage to the rest of the property.

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